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I know that I don’t receive all that many visitors, this is a new blog and I have not promoted it really at all. Still, I started out posting a new enter about once a week and then things stopped. Well, here is the deal, I am without access to the net, at least access at home. I move two weeks ago and with my hours at work being cut to the bone I am hesitant to open a new account.

I guess this is where I can bitch about our current leadership in the US. If you haven’t read about me, I am a structural steel fitter, an iron worker. The company I work for produces the building materials for the energy industry, primary the coal industry even though we did just finished a large job for a Biomass power plant in Hawaii. Thanks to my government’s irresponsible words and actions the power industry is standing still, waiting, scared to make any commitments.

So I have seen a reduction in pay by nearly 45% and my company has reduced it’s workforce from 70 to 21 employees. I suspect that I will be among the 10+% of the population that is unemployed with in the next few weeks and see my pay drop to 35%. I truly makes me sick to my stomach. Nerves you know. ehhh, enough of this!

I promise new post soon, more then likely on the weekends.


Written by photogchris

June 27, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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