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I’m flipping though the channels and hit CNBC and they are doing a special various business, one at the time is Chipotle Mexican Grill and they are going on about freshness of the product and more importantly “Fast Food with Integrity”. Never ate there, really don’t care and this is not about them. But it got me thinking. Fresh food, everyone says thier food is fresh. Yeah, more then likely it is, but more then not, the food is not that ripe.

What do I mean? Do you like tomatoes? I love them. Locally grown are okay, but the best are in the backyard. They are fresh, but more importantly they are ripe! Give them more then a few days they are rotting! This goes for a lot of fresh vegetables and if you eating out, fast food, mexican or a burger joint you are not getting ripe tomatoes , avocados, and that lettuce could be crisper.

bad_= sonic

Fresh, yeah, right

Yeah, this is just a rant about crappy fast food, I am just sick of fast food restaurants insinuating how good their food is for you because it is “fresh”. It is not, stay away and make your own, you will eat better.




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August 30, 2009 at 9:01 pm

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