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Dangerous Music

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I, like many people love to have music playing most of the time I am awake, some of the time when I am not. Generally, music helps me work, it moves me alone and keeps me from getting bored. That being said I have found that there some songs that are just dangerous. Songs that I enjoy so much that I tune everything out with the exception of the music.

My top five via Youtube after the break.

5 – Metallica – Seek and Destroy
Even in that car this is bad, makes me drive too fast. Music is set to video from the ani-matrix, kinda fits.

4 – Pearl Jam – Alive
Ohhh Grunge! This is one of those songs that brings back some vivid memories of the mid 90’s. Good times.

3 – Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4
The most dangerous thing about this song is I can’t help myself but to sing along. That can be bad.

2 – Sade – Diamond Life
I bought the LP (yes vinyl) when Diamond Life first came out back in the 80’s. I think I fell in love back then, and it is not just this song, it’s the whole album.

1 – Stevie Ray Vaughn  – Little Wing
I know it’s a cover, I know many think Jimi’s the only one worth listening to. I don’t care. This song hits me deep, all the way though.  This song is my all time favorite and invokes an emotional response that no other song can match.

I’ve got shivers running down my spine now.

Opps, Bonus – Mindy Smith – Come to Jesus
Sorry, forgot one, so I guess is the the top six dangerous songs for me. This song is so haunting, seeing I don’t listen to country, nor gospel all that much it is all that much more amazing it is this list


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December 13, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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