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Trying To Avoid Doing Windows

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I am so disgusted with Windows and the Viruses that flourish on the platform! I am trying to use Ubuntu but to do so I may need to part with Photoshop!

Okay, the other night I was chatting with kzthenurse from Flickr and made a comment about not really worrying about viruses. I have been online since 1995 and in the last 15 years I have been infected 3 times. Oh, I have downloaded files that were infected but never installed them. I haven’t had an infection in the last 5 years and back then I multiple people on my machine. So, I generally not worried.

Currently on my Vista partition IE and Firefox have been hijacked! I didn’t notice at first. I rarely use IE, only when some program opens it on it’s own. Every once in a while will I use Firefox, it is bulky and not Chrome! Yes, Google Chrome is my favorite and what I use 99% of the time. It is what I am using right now, on Ubuntu Linux. BTW, Google Chrome on Vista was unaffected!

So, what about Linux and Ubuntu? Photoshop does not run natively. The default image manipulation tool of linux? Gimp, and I am not a fan. Now, I do not need all the power of Photoshop, it is just I need tools that the GIMP does not supply. I work almost exclusively in 16bit color, not 8 bit. Adjustment layers are elemental, how can software not have it?

I know I have a former post titled You Don’t Need Photoshop and you don’t, but it makes life so easy.

I’ll update later with what I end up with.


Written by photogchris

January 25, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Posted in Rant

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