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The Fog Is Starting To Clear

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As stated earlier I have formated my partition that contained Widows Vista. That was 1 day and 13 hours ago. I am currently running on Ubuntu 9.10, and a little Wine to help me though.  Why is that? Well I am not willing yet to give up Photoshop or Lightwave.  I do find myself  using an older version of Photoshop. I am not very happy about that but CS2 will do. I do not have access to ACR so working in RAW needs a different workflow.

I have played a bit with Raw Therapee 2.41, a native Linux app for dealing with RAW images. I like it so far but I still plan to install Canon’s DPP for a comparison. That leaves only a few problems. I work in 16bit and it seems that 16bit Tiff’s do not carry EXIF data which I like to keep in all of my photos. Annoying.

I am also a bit worried about my Color Management. No where can I find a place to load an ICC profile. Things look good to my eye but I would like to load my monitors profile in to be safe. I do have adjustment available through ATI’s Catalyst Control Center but it is just Gama and Color sliders. I am able to view a color and tone chart and it does look okay.

On a good note I was able to integrate another Windows program that I have been using for over a decade : Irfan View. Seriously, I have been using this program since  1997. Still being updated, still freeware, still and awesome image viewer. And thanks to a little script I found at I can still use it! here it is


QUICKPARLOCATION=”c:\\Program Files\\IrfanView\\i_view32.exe”
PARAM=`winepath -w “$*”`
exit 0

Just set you file to executable and associate your images to it, works like a charm.

So, that leaves me with 4 Windows programs running on my Linux box. I have yet to hook up my printer nor my Harmony remote, not sure either will work in Ubuntu.


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January 28, 2010 at 4:48 am

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