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Another day of work

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Some more work on my one and only male 3d model, think I have decided on a name, so here we go, a reintroduction for Dave… (David Oliver Anderson) Cel shaded this time and Rigged too!

fullsize 1920x1080

The female character, Mia Watanabe was created 11 June, 2007 and is more then likely my favorite of my female characters. Oh, what am I saying, I love all my creations equally 😀

Still playing around with the surfaces but I think I have hit on something I like. The skin on both characters is a 2 zone cel shade while the clothing is 3 zone. If I get very close I might change the skin to 3 zone too, but I like to looks of this as is.

You know what, here it is with 3 zones on the skin, tell me what you think

fullsize 1920x1080


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March 23, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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