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Photo Editing, going too far? Nah, just right.

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I have seen plenty of horrible editing jobs done with photoshop, mainly thanks to But I seriously hope that want I did doesn’t fall into the same category.

Last night I was up late when I decided to off load my daily pictures from my 450D. I should have been asleep but I couldn’t help myself. I checked thought the photos, found one I really liked and imported it into Photoshop. Standard editing, I check the exposure (reduced it by .45), verified the white balance (it was spot on), and boosted the blacks a little (+10). After import I cropped the image a bit, removing the sky. Done, ready to export for the web. Or was I? Here is what I had.

Falls 23621 Original

I liked it but I hated the tree in the top right corner. I had hoped to crop it out but it was too close to the falls. So a bit of copy/ paste/ mask and there we go, most of the tree gone. Then I noticed all the leaves on the right side. They started to bug me, especially the ones close to the water. Nothing a little healing brush can’t fix. The water’s edge was now clean but all those leaves farther to the right, just plain messy and distracting. Time to get the cloning brush out and swap my mouse for my Wacom pen and tablet.

Falls 23621 Fini

Now this is not radical reconstruction. I only spent 25 minutes doing this. But it is clean and unless you look closely I don’t think you would see the editing. There are two duplicated rocks, big ones that are easy to pick out. If you look for them. A few duplicated leaves too. Take a look at the transformation below.


Maybe I could have done a bit more but it was getting late. There is a bit of junk in the lower center crook of the falls but I think I’ll leave things as they stand, for now.



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March 30, 2010 at 11:19 am

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