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Little Red MG

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Had to make an emergency run to the hospital the other day! Nothing to do with my or anyone else’s health but the fact my Mom didn’t bring any tea to work…. So when I got time I headed to Krogers to get some Snapple and upon entering the parking lot I saw this beauty of a car. Good thing I brought my camera with me. Here are some of the steps from raw to finished.

Here you have the original, untouched picture. I like the layout, love the color on the car but I HATE the UT plate on the Honda back in the background.

red MG - original

But first thing first, I need to crop the image some. I don’t need all the background stuff.


Next step is to remove the UT plate and a few other annoyances.

No plate

Next thing I wanted to do is to blur out the background. That is a bit more difficult and time consuming. What I first had to was create a mask of all that is in the foreground.
All that is in white is visible and black is invisible. So why did I create the mask? Okay, I wanted to use Lens Blur to blur out the background  and had it set to Overlay to tone it down while giving it some glow… Here, take a look


I really like this but the front of the car is too dark, so that is where the mask comes in. I make a copy of the original unblurred layer and move it to the top. Then I apply the mask. Looks like this.

Only Background Blurred

And here are the layers to show what I am talking about if I am not clear


Now it is time to play. The first thing I generally do is duplicate the image to a new layer and convert it to Black and White. This gives you a chance to play with contrast in an interesting way. Here I set the Black n White with a  blue filter.

Black n White with Blue Filter

Now all you have to do is change your layers blend mode to Luminosity.

Black n White set to Luminosity

Here I thought I was about done…. Just needed to clean things up a bit. You know, those oil spots on the ground and leaves at the curb. Time for the clone brush.


Yeah, I thought I was done, but while cleaning things up the brown mulch to the right started to bug me. I looked at the grass at the top and shrubbery at the bottom I decided I had enough to clone away without too much duplication.

Green Clones

Looking better, lets use Foliage from Nik ColoerEfx to boost the greens some.

Boosting the Green

Some more Nik ColorEfx with some Classic Soft Focus

Classic Soft Focus

and finally some Nik ColorEfx Sunshine

Sunshine and Fini

So, there you go. Playing around, having fun, and showing off a really cool classic.


Written by photogchris

May 6, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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