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On my way up to the great Smoky Mountains I looked up as saw the Blount County Court House. It is old southern style and quite photogenic. But I was in the passenger seat of a car and to be honest, with the area around the court house can be a bit of a pain finding a good face for the building.

I took a shot anyway and it did make it onto my hard drive. There it sat for over a week. This is kind of the way I work. I take a number of shots. In camera I dispose of any real bad photos to save space. Before downloading to my hard drive, I preview and delete more. Mainly blurry and out of focus images.

Then they are moved to a folder with a full months worth of photos. 200 – 600 photos there. The ones that immediately catch my eye get edited and move to a “Processed Archive”. The ones I kind of like stay and I look over them for the next few weeks, deleting  a few every time I browse thought them.

Today it hit me to edit this picture, not to delete. I liked the detail in the clock tower and the branches over the top, so maybe a crop.

Simple Crop

Ummm, no. Too much negative space, the clock tower loses prominence. So, thinking of negative space I thought of the Content Aware Scale. So I crop a little more, I don’t like the upper branch cutting back, and scale away.

Content Aware Scaled

Much better. On to color and contrast. Every thing is a bit washed out… I just noticed, the clock is one hour fast! Anyway, taken around 3 in the afternoon, lighting is far from optimal. First I played with the contrast using Nik SilverEfx Black and White filter. I used a orange color filter then set the finished layer to Luminosity.

BnW set to luminosity

Next I used another Nik plugin, a polarizing filter to darken the sky and pump up the greens some.


And I was about to leave it there. But I had a Action Pallet covering part of the right side of the image and I noticed it looked better. So cropping one  more time.

Cropped again

I am almost happy with this, but I feel it is still a bit washed out. So a Curves Adjustment Layer to the rescue. A boost to just a segment of the blues and a darkening of everything else ever so slightly.

Curves Adjusment, deepening the blues

And finally I am done

Blount County Court House, Fini



Written by photogchris

May 18, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Posted in photoshop, Walk through

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