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Cool news from Sony today, it’s been all over the tech news on the web. They have created an OLED screen thinner then the thickness of a human hair that is also flexible enough to be rolled over a cylinder.

Now, this is new and not ready for production but think of what this could do. With some advancements in battery technology you could have your iPad turned into an iRoll. Sure, Steve Jobs will have his minions come up with something clever that starts with iP but I guess I am not clever enough.

But still, anyone remember 10 years ago with a called show Earth: Final Conflict. 4 good seasons one bad. Never mind that, they had one cool cell phone. I know this will never come out, people want games and what not. Along with smallerand sleeker. But for video conferencing on the go this would be cool.

More info at Sony



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May 26, 2010 at 3:47 pm

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