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Little Worlds

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There is a technique that turns a panoramic into a sphere, creating a little world, a little planet if you will. I know it is a fad but it is interesting. In some ways I like them better then a regular panoramic.

Why? Well, you can see the whole image at a glance. Any of my 360deg views are about 5 times wider then they are tall. Viewing one at full height means I am going to have to scroll sideways quite a bit. After all the years of scrolling up and down on websites, it is just plain weird to scroll horizontally.

So here are some samples, and a quick tutorial.

Okay, to start you need a panoramic. Really you don need a true panoramic, just an image that can be tiled side to side. A 360 degree pano is the easiest way to do this.

360 pano

Now resize the image so it is equally wide as it is tall.

pano squashed

Now, take your squashed image and flip it vertically.

pano flipped

Now it is time for the plugin Polar Coordinates. Make sure you have “Rectangular to Polar” selected.

Polar Coordinates

Now all you have to do is clean things up. You will have a seam that needs to be smoothed out. Also the very center of the image will be pinched, a bit of cloning brush can help with that.


Backyard inverse

Power Lines

cowan park

Clinton Tn


Written by photogchris

July 7, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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