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Here is something about me you might not know, I love Formula 1 racing. I enjoy rally races, road races, TTs. Really just about everything except circle track and to a lesser extent drag racing. So, yeah, no NASCAR or Indy. I just find circle track boring.

Ah, but F1. That is something I will awake at 2am to watch. Lately I haven’t had to get up early. Fox has been carrying the race. It is tape delayed so they can butcher it and spread out to 2 hours with a crap load of commercials.

You might get the feeling I do not a fan of Fox. I am not. They bought Speedvision a number of years ago and basically turned it into NASCAR Tv. No more rallies, no more road racing and F1 got very hard to find. No more reruns of F1.

This year they have decided to place 4 races on Fox. I guess this is good. More exposure to the American populous. Maybe more American fans. Maybe that F1 track in Texas will happen. We only have two races on this side of the world, Canada and Brazil.

F1 is the pinnacle of auto racing. It is a shame we do not have a track, team or driver. I would love to see Ford step up. I can always dream.


Written by photogchris

July 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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