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Something about Food and Me and Getting Older

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You know how most people bitch about getting older and stuff like getting fat or body parts aching? Sorry about the language, but you do know, right? Well, I am 40 and yes I do have to watch what I eat or I will become very fat. My left knee and right shoulder hurt regularly. But you know what, I can deal with that. I really can.

What I can not deal with are these new food allergies I seem to have developed. One of them is wheat. Okay, it is not an allergy but a food intolerance. Bread causes heartburn, acid reflux. Bread. I love bread. My mother bakes this swiss cheese, bear bread and it is delicious. It is salty and savory, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Not just bread but brownies, cake, pasta, pizza. If it has wheat in it, I get acid reflux.

But that is not all. I may be allergic to dairy too, or  oil. I am thinking it is dairy but right now I have none to test it with. But yeah dairy. You see for a while when I ate out or had some fast food my sinuses would stop up, totally. I thought it was fried food, so much fried food out there. Then I noticed something. I have cheese with everything. I like cheese a lot. Cheese Burgers, alfredo pastas, grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast cereal, ice cream. Dairy and bread go together.

Bread and cheese. Isn’t that the food of life?

Okay, I do like asian foods and I have had no issues with rice. All proteins seem to be okay and that is good. So no more wheat and no more dairy. I have tried soy cheese and, no, it is not a substitute. I am not much a fan of soy milk either. I have heard that corn can be as bad as wheat so I need to test some corn bread and corn tortillas.


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July 23, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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