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Progression of an image

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Some times is it not enough to get a good composition and exposure. This bird and tree posed a few problems that took a little more work then I expected.

The shot was at 200mm from about 30m away. At 100% crop things looked pretty good but when reduced to a thumbnail the leaves were too small and regular. The berries and the cardinal were visible but had no impact.

Here is is what I mean.

I am too far away

So, a crop is in order.

crop and adjustments

So, okay the original did not have a  good composition, the cropping helped but notice that all the green is basically the same value. The foreground  and back pretty much blend into each other. Time to darken the background.

Darkening of the background

This helps but is still not there. The bird is too small and the berries still have only a little impact. So, one more crop.

final crop

This is so near to a 100% crop. I would say it is reduced to 80% of original. Notice there is little to no noise, and I shot this at 1600 ISO. I did over expose it 2/3 of a stop and then darkened it upon importing with ACR. Most of your noise is in the shadows so if your shadows are light, you’ll have little noise even at high ISOs.

BTW, for those who don’t know, ACR is Adobe Camera Raw.

I am coming to believe that 200mm is too short for birding. My lens will go out to 300mm but it looks like crap at 300.



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July 24, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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