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Okay, I’ve been quiet here. Actually both here and on flickr. I’ve been working and oddly enough I have been busy on my weekends. The temps have been high and at the end of the day I have been worn out. But that is slowly changing. I am once again earning enough money that I have something to spend on my craft.

The first thing I’ve bought? A 1 TB external hard drive. That’s photography? You betcha. For the last year I have been spending too much time burning to dvd’s and deleting files on my main hard drive, freeing up space.

So, why a 1gig drive? The 2TB drives were only about $30.00 more. I serious thought about it, but 2 TB’s? That is over 3 years of RAW photos! That is too many to have in one place. 1 TB is really too much but it is hard to find new full size hard drives under 1 TB.

So, this time next year I’ll be putting this hard drive in the closet and buying a new one. If I ever start doing this professionally I’ll have two backups, one at home and one else where.

Believe it or not, a friend just called while I was writing this telling me her hard drive just crashed! She had not backed up anything and there is over a year of photos on it.  No backups.

So, other then work I did do a shoot for a now defunct band. Oh well, I did learn a few things. Here are some pics


Written by photogchris

September 6, 2010 at 5:57 pm

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